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Summer RISE Research Program 

RISE is a 10-week Summer research program that runs from late June to the end of August. Students are paid $5,000 and are expected to work 36-40 hours/week. RISE prepares participants for graduate and professional study by providing valuable research experiences, training, seminars, meeting with the Divisional Dean, and professional development workshops. The goal of RISE is to increase the number of outstanding students from diverse backgrounds to become acquainted with one of the most essential traits of a scientific career: Research.

Its primary objectives are to:

1) Provide preparation for graduate studies through a research experience in the mentor's laboratory and a variety of workshops

2) Provide a mechanism that fosters faculty/student interrelationships

3) Give the students a first-hand look at graduate opportunities at UCR

4) Assist the students in realizing their potential for graduate studies, in general, and at UCR, in particular

5) Expose the faculty mentors to the possibility of recruiting undergraduate research interns to their departments 



The Research in Science and Engineering program (RISE) consists of students from three different student success programs:

  • The CNAS Scholars Learning Community program: RISE CNAS Scholars are first-year students who enrolled in and completed a CNAS Learning Community. Participants must find a faculty mentor in CNAS, psychology, or the UCR School of Medicine and construct a research proposal before applying. If accepted, students will implement their research proposal throughout the duration of RISE. CNAS Scholars are funded to conduct their own project within their faculty mentor's lab over the summer. Topics vary and depend upon the discipline of your chosen faculty member. CNAS Scholars may also have the option to continue in research during the academic year if their faculty mentor allows.


  • STEM Pathways-Bridge to Research: This sub-program of RISE is exclusively for transfer students. In order to participate, students must be transferring to UCR and have already committed to the university beginning in the upcoming fall quarter. Participants in the program will be paired up with a faculty mentor for a 10-week research project throughout the duration of the Summer. Therefore, topics will vary and depend upon the discipline of your designated faculty member. At the end of the program, any and all future arrangements are made between faculty members and their students.


  • DG Scholars/HHMI: DG Scholars are first-year students who have completed BIOL020. In order to apply as a DG Scholar, the applicant must have taken BIOL020 because the majority of their experience will be an extension of BIOL020 coursework. DG Scholars are considered to be a part of SALSA, which is a sub-program within RISE. If accepted, students will be placed into groups and taught how to manage their own research project. A select group of DG Scholars will be assigned to a chosen faculty lab rather than a small group. DG Scholars are not required to find a faculty mentor. Scholars will be a part of SALSA for 9-weeks and learn many beneficial techniques to assist them in locating lab positions post-RISE.
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DG Scholars

The Dynamic Genome (DG) Scholars group is funded in part by a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant. This support is available to students who are enrolled in BIOL 20 through the CNAS Freshman Scholars Learning Communities program. USDA and HHMI grants and UCR matching funds support 25 stipends for rising sophomore graduates of the DG course. During the nine week program students will:

  • Conduct original research on plants, including citrus.
  • Be introduced to the business of science and learn about careers for science majors at Keck Graduate Institute. 
  • Work in groups developing a business plan to market a new medical device or an engineered crop. 

CNAS Scholars Fellows

Students that successfully complete the CNAS Learning Communities program and have a strong interest in research are encouraged to apply as a CNAS Scholars Fellow for the summer following their first year, as a participant in RISE. We will select students based on their academic performance through Winter quarter, their application, research proposal, and the letter of support from their faculty mentor. Applications will open in January 2020 and are due at the beginning of April. Please see sample documents below for additional information on what to expect.


All RISE applicants should complete: