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The CNAS Scholars newsletter is a proven tool used to keep our students informed of upcoming workshops, important campus deadlines and useful academic resources. Each month, CNAS Scholars publishes a new document and distributes it to students. We encourage students to read the CNAS Scholars newsletter each month as we outline a variety of important information relevant to our entire student population.

April Newsletter


CNAS Scholars in the News

We are immensely grateful for the recognition our program has received in terms of successfully retaining student GPA, retention rates, and four-year paths to graduation. We have showcased some of our publications and recognitions here:

Additionally, our Learning Communities have helped UC, Riverside's contributions to the University Innovation Alliance, which specializes in enhancing the accessibility of quality college degrees to a diverse span of students. 

Lastly, we want to recognize the financial support we've received from renown STEM organizations to continue our success:


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