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The CNAS FSLC is the flagship Student Success Program for CNAS, and is a year-long program designed to promote academic success among CNAS students.  Each FSLC cluster is comprised of 24 freshmen, arranged by academic discipline and math placement,  who take their science and math courses together all year. Students in the FSLC also receive additional support through their required participation in vital support services needed to succeed in UCR's rigorous science and math courses, specifically: Supplemental Instruction (SI) and a Freshman Advising Seminar.  At the end of their first year, FSLC students will be given the opportunity to apply for a paid research position with a UCR CNAS faculty member for Summer. Students in the program also benefit from efficient course registration. 

Core Math and Science Courses: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Students will enroll in the appropriate Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology courses in Fall, Winter and Spring, depending on their placement on UCR's Mathematics Advisory Exam and their Major requirements.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI provides students with course-specific academic support through informal and interactive sessions facilitated by upper-division CNAS students who have achieved top grades in that subject and work closely with the professor to develop the material presented in the SI sessions. These valuable workshops are led by trained peer mentors and meet twice every week in a classroom setting.

Freshman Advising Seminar (FAS) - Fall quarter only

During fall quarter, each student participates in a Freshman Advising Seminar. The first component of the seminar, led by an esteemed CNAS faculty member, allows students to explore potential career options by learning about an engaging area of scientific research from an expert in that field. The second portion of the seminar is led by a CNAS Professional Academic Advisor and covers important topics pertaining to the college transition, such as study skills, information about UCR resources and other educational enrichment opportunities available to students. The course will introduce students to academic values and expectations, academic and career planning, and give them an opportunity to select a faculty mentor and to get to know their professional academic advisor.

Early Research Engagement Options

Students who join the CNAS FSLC may also choose one of the early research engagement options. This is a great opportunity to get a unique class experience exclusive to the CNAS FSLC program.

  • The Dynamic Genome (Genomics cluster): This lab course offers students the opportunity to engage in advanced research projects that satisfy a Biology lab requirement, all while using state of the art research equipment and methods.
  • Explorations in Molecular Science (Molecular cluster): This supplemental lab course involves a combination of computational and environmental chemistry.
  • Sustainability LC: The Chemistry discussions will supplement course material with case studies of global impact, with an additional faculty-based research discussion in the spring. 

Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) Program

Upon completion of the FSLC program, students may apply to conduct research under faculty guidance, in a full-time, 10-week summer program. This program includes a $5,000 stipend, professional development, graduate school preparation and enhancement of research skills.

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